SSD/SSI Benefits for People Age 55 and Older

If you are currently not working and are between the ages of 55 and 64, you should probably apply for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. You don’t even have to be certain that you will be unable to work for more than a year. The bottom line is that there are no penalties. By contrast, applying sooner rather than later has numerous benefits.

At the law offices of Chermol & Fishman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we provide people age 55 and older with the help they need to obtain the SSD and SSI benefits they deserve. Our lawyers handle claims at the administrative levels of the process for clients in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We handle federal appeals for individuals and clients of other law firms nationwide.

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SSD or Early Retirement?

Although SSD rules become more favorable for everyone 50 years of age or older, they become even more favorable for those over the age of 54.

Even so, many people who become disabled at or near the age of 62 choose to file a claim for early retirement benefits instead of SSD. Generally speaking, this is a mistake. The reason why is that the Social Security system penalizes people who retire early.

By receiving SSD benefits until retirement age instead, you can avoid those penalties. And the process may not take anywhere near the amount of time you might think. In many cases, in fact, the work our lawyers put in helping clients with the initial application (for those over age 54) pays off in the form of favorable decisions without even so much as a single hearing later on.