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The Social Security Administration is responsible for administering the Social Security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI) benefits programs.

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How Do These Two Programs Differ?

Social security disability benefits are based on your earnings history. The more you worked, earned, and paid into the system, the greater your monthly benefits. SSA has rules about how long you have to have worked in order to be eligible for SSD.

It can get a little complicated. But, you can get a good idea of the Social Security disability benefits you would likely receive by looking at the last earnings statement SSA sent you. On that statement, they estimate of what your monthly disability benefits would be if you are found disabled.

SSI is a Type of Welfare Program That is Based on Need

In other words, if you do not meet the SSD work history requirements but are unable to work and meet the agency’s definition of “poor,” you may still qualify for supplemental security income benefits. Currently, SSI pays $674 per month to individuals and $1011 per month to eligible couples.

How Are They Alike?

Aside from the fact that one program is based on work history and the other on need — the actual application process is essentially the same. The definition of “disability” for both programs is the same.

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