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Marty Pillion

Marty PillionMarty Pillion is a retired ALJ with the Social Security Administration (SSA), where he worked from 1995 until 2021. Prior to becoming an ALJ in 2009, he worked as an attorney advisor and senior attorney advisor. He was also the Hearing Office Chief Judge of the Johnstown Hearing Office from 2012 to 2017. In this capacity, he developed an outreach program to help representatives work effectively with the SSA hearing office.

While at SSA, Judge Pillion was an instructor for decision writing training, new ALJ training, supplemental ALJ training, and judicial training. He was also involved in a number of special projects, including the Findings Integrated Templates (FIT), a Commissioner level initiative led by former Acting Chief Judge David Hatfield.

FIT has been used to draft millions of ALJ decisions and dismissals and achieved the goal of significantly improving the quality of hearing level dispositions. He received his B.S. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is a summa cum laude graduate of New England School of Law.

A disability attorney fights for the rights of individuals, ensuring they receive the necessary support and benefits to navigate life with dignity and financial security.

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