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Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer

If you’re in Pennsylvania and need assistance with a Disability claim, consider seeking help from a Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer. They have experience in handling disability cases and can guide you through the application process, handle appeals if necessary, and work to maximize your chances of receiving benefits.

One of the most critical steps in working with a disability attorney is to have a consultative session.During this session, they will explain the process and various options regarding benefits for disabilities for which you did not work for a certain period. This process is necessary because if a contract for this type of Pennsylvania disability benefits does not exist, there isn’t much protection from someone who no longer meets the requirement. 

What Does SSDI Mean In Pennsylvania?

Social Security Disability Attorney In PennsylvaniaEstablished in 1956, the SSDI program currently provides benefits to approximately 9.5 million people. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) replaces a portion of the earnings and income that an individual would have earned. SSDI pays monthly benefits that cover basic healthcare services and other necessities such as rent, mortgage payments, and medicine while the person applies for their claim. SSDI is a type of insurance that covers workers through automatic payroll deductions.

Today, more than 11.4 million people in the United States live with a disability. An experienced Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyer is available to offer advice and guidance on legal matters about the disability community. 

What does SSI mean in Pennsylvania?

Another Social Security option is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program offers benefits to certain disabled people based on their economic needs, but it is different from SSDI. Workers are not eligible for SSDI unless they meet the minimum requirements for work credits and have a disabling condition expected to last at least one year or longer.

Social Security work credits are determined by your annual wages or the total of your self-employment income. The income needed to earn a work credit changes each year, and you can make a maximum of four work credits per year. 

For your disabling condition to meet the eligibility requirements, it must prevent you from performing work similar to what you did previously, and you must also be unable to do other types of work. Additionally, your disability must be one that is expected to last for a year or longer or result in your death as certified by a doctor. 

Contacting a Pennsylvania Disability Attorney is the best course of action for  citizens dealing with the complexities of obtaining disability certification.

How To Apply For Disability In Pennsylvania?

To apply for disability benefits in Pennsylvania, you can follow these five essential pointers:

  • Gather Necessary Information:

Before starting your application, gather essential information, including your Social Security number, birth certificate, work history, medical records, and a list of your treating healthcare providers.

  • Choose the Right Program:

Determine whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income. SSDI is designed for individuals who have worked and paid into Social Security, while SSI is based on financial need.

  • Online Application:

You can apply online through the Social Security Administration’s website (www.ssa.gov). Create an account and complete the online application. Be thorough and accurate when providing information about your disability and medical treatment.

  • Visit a Local Social Security Office:

If you prefer not to apply online or need assistance, visit your nearest Social Security office. You can locate the closest office on the SSA’s website. Remember to call ahead to schedule an appointment.

  • Attend Hearings:

If your case progresses to a hearing, be prepared to attend and present your case before an Administrative Law Judge. Provide any updated medical records or other evidence that supports your disability claim.

  • Keep Records:

Maintain records of all communications, documents, and forms related to your disability claim. This can help you stay organized throughout the process.

Conditions That Qualify For Disability Benefits

Here are a few examples of physical and psychological conditions that might be eligible for SSDI benefits:

When you apply for SSDI or SSI in Pennsylvania, you must prove that your disabling condition meets or exceeds the requirements outlined by the SSA. You must understand all the medical terms and technical language in your medical records. Most applications are initially denied even if they are filled out correctly and demonstrate that the requirements have been met.

How Can A Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer Help You?

Getting help from an experienced Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer might help make the difference in your disability claim application. Our experienced team can assist you in preparing your application and gathering all of the evidence and medical records you need to submit.

For more information regarding disability benefits, we encourage you to contact an experienced Pennsylvania Disability Lawyer such as Chermol & Fishman, LLC today.

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