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Social Security Disability Heart Conditions

Ability of a person to perform physical activities, and many people with heart conditions are advised to avoid stressful situations. When stress or hard physical labor make it impossible for a person with a heart condition to work, determining whether a person qualifies for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits may be necessary.

Heart disease, also referred to as a heart condition, is a blanket term that relates to a variety of problems related to the heart. Everything from an irregular heart beat to heart attack is covered by this term, and the severity of the conditions related to the heart can vary widely.

One common aspect of any heart condition that could qualify a person for SSDI benefits is that the condition will lead to a reduced ability of the heart to pump blood or get enough blood to properly function.

Heart conditions are detected through the use of lab tests that determine any impairments in the functionality of the heart. Physical tests that determine whether a person with a heart condition is experiencing physical impairments due to their heart condition are also used to assess the condition.

Qualifying for SSDI Benefits with a Heart Condition

Social Security Disability Heart ConditionsThere are certain impairments of the heart that are officially listed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as qualifications for SSDI benefits.

Heart failure that results in a reduced function of the heart and reduced blood flow to the heart are two conditions that are listed. Also included are abnormal heart rate that leads to unconsciousness, structural defects causing oxygen deprivation, obstruction of arteries and heart transplant.

People with a heart condition who apply for SSDI will want to list either chronic heart failure or ischemic heart disease as the reason for the application. These are phrases that can pertain to several different heart problems, so it is important to consult a physician and ensure that a medical professional is keeping accurate, detailed records of complications of a heart condition in order to present the SSA with proof of these complications.

Anyone suffering from complications of hypertension will need to apply for benefits using the condition that has been caused or exasperated by hypertension. For example, stroke or kidney damage are conditions that can result from hypertension and can qualify a person for SSDI benefits.

The results of an EKG and physical stress test will be evaluated when eligibility for benefits is being determined.

The SSA may determine that a person could reasonably find a job that will not be affected by heart conditions. People with heart conditions may be unable to lift heavy weights or stand for a long period of time, but desk jobs could be completed by these individuals. Qualifications for jobs that are not physically intensive will by evaluated.

The age of an individual with a heart condition is also evaluated. A younger person with a heart condition may be able to train for a desk job, but a person who is near retirement age and has not acquired office skills will not reasonably be able to train for a job before retirement.

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