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from veterans nor from people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Why Do Some People Get Disability Benefits and Others Do Not?

You would like to think that it is based on how bad their conditions are, but that is just not the case.

Disability Benefits and Others Do NotTo some extent, varying results are a function of the enormous size of the Social Security disability adjudication system. With so many variables and such individualized determinations, results are bound to vary to an extent. Another factor that may be very significant is the age of the individual. Generally, people over 50 have a better chance than those under 50.

Control What You Can Control

The factors I discussed above are largely out of your control. You are the age you are and there is nothing that can be done about that. As to the size of the adjudication system, obviously there is nothing you can do about that. So let’s focus on a factor which you do control and which could determine the outcome of your case. That factor is who you will have representing you during the disability adjudication process.

It Is a Complex System; Understanding is Key

To begin with, I personally think it is foolish to represent yourself in such a complex area of the law when an inadvertent statement can sink your whole case. Statistics back me up on this point as well. In any event, you chose your lawyer. Because that choice of who will represent may actually determine the outcome of your case, it is probably the area where you can have the biggest impact on obtaining a successful result.

You Need (and Deserve) Personal Service

If you go to a firm with someone’s name in the title and you never meet or speak to that person until the day of your hearing (if then), I think you are not being well served. If you go to a firm and only ever speak to an assistant (or worse yet a machine) and never ever get to speak to a lawyer (which is all too common), I think you are not being well served in this circumstance either.

I Personally Meet Every Client

In my firm, I meet every single one of my clients and I will speak to you multiple times prior to your hearing. I won’t speak with you every day of course, but at my office, I am accountable for every case. Another point of pride for me personally is the number of cases I have won where other lawyers had turned the client away. The first three cases I ever handled were ones where another lawyer had told the clients that they had no chance of winning. That speaks volumes. In the end, the choice is yours. But if you want a tough advocate with more than a decade of inside experience, call 215-464-7200 today.

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