We do not request reimbursement of costs
(such as repayment for obtaining medical records)
from veterans nor from people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Case Results

$1674 Monthly Benefits – Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain
Case History Claimant began working at the age of 18 and kept advancing in his...

$150 000 Benefits Due Orthopedic Problems and Depression

Nursing Home Care
Claimant filed for Social Security Disability benefits in 2009, after she became unable...

Getting SSD – Kleine Levin Syndrome

Kleine Levin Syndrome
Case History 20-year old claimant hired our firm after being denied twice by Social Security...

$100 000 Benefits For Additional Knee Surgery

Additional Knee Surgery
Case History Claimant became disabled after a career in the medical field. Due to arthritis...

FDNY Member Got his $400 000 Back for the...

FDNY Member Got his $400 000 Back for the Future
400 000$ benefits for the future On 9/11, Joe ran into the burning towners without...
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