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Cancer Misdiagnosis

What are the Consequences of A Misdiagnosed Cancer?

Cancer misdiagnosis is a serious issue that affects thousands of people. Every year, more than 1 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of cancer. However, the probability of misdiagnosis for any type of cancer is estimated at 10-20%. Misdiagnosed cancers can result in delayed treatment which may be worse for the patient’s health, lost income from missed time at work, and premature death.

  • Delayed Treatment

When cancer is misdiagnosed, the patient will not receive timely medical attention. This can impact the prognosis of an already-serious diagnosis. For example, patients with lung cancer who are diagnosed after the disease has progressed to stage IV (out of four stages) will likely not live for another year following their diagnosis.

Misdiagnosed cancer results in the loss of precious time for chemotherapy or other treatment. When treatment is delayed, it’s more likely that the cancer will spread to another part of the body. There can also potentially be more serious side effects from standard therapies, especially if the patient is very ill when they begin or cannot tolerate treatment well. 

  • Loss of Work Income

Misdiagnosed cancer can result in financial losses for both the patient and their employer if they are required to miss work. Not only will they lose a substantial amount of income, but the cost of lost productivity for their employer will be significant as well. In the United States, the cost of lost productivity caused by cancer misdiagnosis is believed to be $7.5 billion each year.

  • Premature Death

Cancer Misdiagnosis Misdiagnosed patients may experience emotional trauma, stress, and physical pain from treatments that are not necessary or effective. There’s also a risk of physical injury if side effects of the incorrect diagnosis or treatment damage the patient further. If the patient does not survive, they will die earlier than expected and leave loved ones behind without a chance to say goodbye or make final arrangements.

Even if the patient does survive, they not only lose time and life while they go through unnecessary or ineffective treatments but they may become more vulnerable to future diseases that result from the mental and physical stress of such a diagnosis. It may also be harder for them to find employment in the future, especially if their cancer returns.

Need Legal Help? Contact an experienced Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If you or a loved one living in Texas has been misdiagnosed with cancer and had to suffer needlessly as a result, you should contact an experienced cancer misdiagnosis attorney right away. 

A failure to diagnose cancer lawyer will seek to recover medical expenses such as past and future deductibles and copayments, medical tests and diagnostic procedures, medications, hospital bills, timely treatments missed because of delayed diagnosis, and possibly loss of income.

If you need legal advice from a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer, please contact Our Disability Lawyers in Texas. If we can show that the doctors failed to meet medical standards and protocols, we may be able to pursue financial compensation.

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