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Back & Neck Problems

Can You Get Disability Benefits for Back Pain?

If your back pain is severe, it may limit your ability to work and function properly. If that is the cae, you may be eligible for disability benefits administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The two primary disability programs run by SSA are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you are experiencing disability due to back pain and injury, talk to the experienced lawyers at Chermol & Fishman, LLC. Call 1-888-774-7243. Book a free consultation today!

Our legal team is well-equipped with an extensive knowledge of disability law and Social Security procedural requirements for disability applications. We will assist you in completing paperwork, gathering evidence, and getting approved for disability benefits. You will receive comprehensive legal assistance for your disability benefits application at every stage of the process.
Disability for back pain
Before applying for Social Security disability benefits, you should be aware of the SSA’s listing of qualifying medical impairments, commonly referred to as the Blue Book. Back pain is not among the impairments listed but there are other related or underlying medical conditions that cause back pain that may qualify for SSA disability benefits.

For example, degenerative disk disease does not have a specific listing in the Blue Book. To be eligible for benefits based on degenerative disc disease, you must experience severe symptoms requiring assistance with walking or suffer from certain neurological conditions. A knowledgeable disability attorney can assist with determining whether you may be eligible.

Back Problems That Qualify for Disability

Several types of back-related problems may qualify for disability benefits. Here are some of the common issues for which you may get disability benefits:

These are only some of the conditions that may entitle you to disability benefits. Your application must include sufficient medical evidence and documentation to prove that your condition affects mobility and your ability to perform work-related tasks. If you do not provide sufficient, relevant evidence to substantiate your claim, it may be denied.

A complete medical history of your claimed condition will include records of treatment and testing, such as CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and routine treatment notes. A healthcare provider must indicate that your medical condition is causing you severe discomfort and pain. They should mention any physical limitations or restrictions on performance of daily tasks.

Getting Disability for Back Pain

The SSA could reject your claim without evidence of an underlying diagnosis or cause of the back pain. Your claim for benefits will be made stronger and is better supported when it includes a medical diagnosis. You will be required to submit persuasive documents that demonstrate that you are experiencing the disability. You should keep the following things in mind before applying for disability for back pain:

  • Get a Diagnosis and Treatment by a Licensed Medical Practitioner

It is important to have a record of diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician and other medical providers. You should follow the prescribed course of treatment, such as taking necessary medications and follow-up medical tests recommended by a physician. If you have failed to follow the treatment protocol, an SSA examiner may reject your application.

  • Documentation of Limitations by Your Healthcare Provider.

Ask your doctor to provide a detailed account of your physical and mental limitations caused by back pain. This may prove useful when determining your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC ). Before you apply for SSDI or SSI for back pain, it is useful to ask your healthcare provider to assess and record any limitations that impact your ability to perform work-related tasks.

  • Gather Statements and Opinions From Friends and Family Members

You should also gather witness statements and opinions from your friends, family members, coworkers and other close acquaintances who may have direct knowledge of your condition. They should describe their observations of your limitations and the problems you appear to experience in your daily life.

Can You Get Disability Benefits for Neck Problems?

There are numerous conditions that can cause back and neck pain. If you are experiencing severe neck pain, you may be eligible for the Social Security disability benefits. You must have evidence claiming that your condition is painful and that you can no longer maintain employment because of the pain. Again, there is no specific listing in the Blue Book for neck pain but you may qualify based on either an underlying condition or the symptoms and limitations caused by the neck pain.

With any claim for benefits, you should submit a complete medical record that documents your disability and limitations. The medical evidence must show the possible source of the pain and the severity of the problem involved.

Hire an Experienced Disability Attorney to Be Approved for Benefits

Some degree of back and neck pain is expected as we age, but if you are experiencing severe pain that is interfering with your daily life activities and your ability to work, you should consider applying for disability benefits. At Chermol & Fishman, LLC, we assist individuals who want to claim SSDI for back pain. We also help low-income families or individuals with limited resources to apply for SSI.

Our social security attorney in new jersey will ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and assist you with gathering relevant medical evidence. You can rest assured that your claim is in good hands.

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