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Tremors are involuntary muscle spasms that can make living an ordinary life difficult. Common symptoms of tremors include shaky hands, chattering teeth, and speech difficulties. Tremors can be caused by an individual’s lifestyle, occupation, or genetics. In some cases, severe tremors can affect productivity and even lead to job loss. If debilitating tremors have affected your ability to live a normal life, it is important to investigate your legal rights to pursue compensation for your injury.

What are Tremors?

Tremors Tremors are a common problem that can originate from a diverse variety of sources. Some tremors can be temporary, such as those caused by lack of sleep or severe stress. Long-term tremors can be caused by volitional lifestyle factors, including exercise, caffeine intake, and new medication. Tremors are also one of the most apparent symptoms of common medical problems, such as Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, and multiple sclerosis.

Occupational hazards are another significant source of complications related to tremors. Individuals who work with heavy machinery, especially in a repetitive work environment, could struggle with tremors after years of doing the same task. Tremors are a common workplace injury for individuals working in manufacturing, construction, and logistics. It is also possible to get tremors from repetitive work in a sedentary environment, such as writing or customer service.

The wide variety of tremor sources means that you must first assess the root cause of your tremors before moving forward. You should start by seeing a medical professional to determine whether your tremors could indicate a chronic problem that requires immediate attention. Your doctor can also prescribe medicines and therapies that can be effective in many situations. If your doctor is unable to solve your tremor problem and you believe that the problem could be related your profession, you should get in touch with an attorney to assess whether your employer could be held responsible under occupational injury laws.

Getting SSDI for Tremors

Social Security Disability Insurance is supplemental financial assistance available to individuals suffering with severe tremors that affect earning potential. You can apply for SSDI benefits as long as your income has been less than $1,090 per month for the last 12 months. The application is the most important element of the benefits approval process because the information contained in the application is used exclusively to determine whether benefits will be awarded. Applicants should consider working with an experienced attorney to increase their chances of being approved. The application process can take several months to complete, so you should ensure that you have enough money set aside to take care of your living expenses while your application is pending.

After submitting your application, the Social Security Administration will contact you to conduct a residual functional capacity assessment. SSA administrators will evaluate your physical capabilities, skills, and work history to determine your occupational capacity. Strength-related capabilities, such as lifting and carrying, will be scrutinized carefully by the SSA. Individuals capable of doing sedentary work are not normally approved unless they lack the physical capability to complete sedentary work tasks. Prospective SSDI beneficiaries should plan ahead to assess their personal likelihood of being approved before making financial decisions that are dependent on receiving benefits in the future.

Getting Help from an Attorney

An experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer can increase your chances of being approved by guiding you through the complex SSDI approval process. It can also be helpful to retain an attorney to prepare an appeal in case your application is rejected or for special circumstances that might require you to appear in court. Get in touch with the Law Offices of Chermol & Fishman to get compensation for your injury today.

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