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Social Security Disability Attorney Fort Lauderdale

If you are disabled and cannot work for an extended period of time, you may be eligible for social security disability (SSD) insurance benefits. These benefits are funded by your hard-earned tax dollars, and eligibility for SSD benefits is partially based on your work history. Anyone who has paid into the program should consider applying for benefits if they are unable to work for 12 months or more.

People who try to apply for SSD benefits often find that the process is too confusing to complete. The paperwork that needs to be submitted with the application is complicated, and failing to properly fill out every form in detail can result in a denial of benefits. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes many factors into consideration when your application is received. Your age, work history and details of your disability are reviewed. It is essential for you to provide thorough medical records that have been compiled by a licensed professional. The complex nature of applying for SSD benefits can be frustrating. This is why you need a Fort Lauderdale attorney on your side.
Social Security Disability Attorney Fort Lauderdale
You may have heard about SSD and SSI benefits. While some people use these terms interchangeably, there are major differences between these types of benefits. Understanding these differences can help you determine which type of benefits you may be eligible to receive.

  • Social security disability (SSD) benefits are only for people who have worked in the past. Your medical provider must verify that you are likely to be disabled for a minimum of 12 months is order for you to be eligible for SSD benefits.
  • Supplemental security income (SSI) benefits are only for low-income applicants. While there are some exceptions, SSI is typically intended for people who are over the age of 65.

Criteria for Disability

You can review the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits before you start the application process to determine whether you qualify. An experienced Fort Lauderdale SSD attorney can help you understand the criteria listed below.

  • You must have work history. The amount of work experience that you must have accumulated is based on your age. This determines whether you have contributed enough to the social security disability insurance program to be eligible to receive benefits.
  • You must suffer from a disability that makes it completely impossible for you to work for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Your disability must severely interfere with your ability to perform job tasks related to any position for which you are qualified.
  • As of 2010, you may not make more than $1,220 per month. Blind applicants are permitted to make up to $2,040 per month without losing eligibility.

Supporting Your Family

Are you worried that you won’t be able to support your family with your SSD benefits? People who are the primary income earners in their household may be eligible to receive more benefits if these benefits are needed to help pay for basic necessities for eligible dependents. An experienced SSD attorney can help you understand whether you are eligible for an increased amount in benefits if you are responsible for providing food and shelter for other family member(s).

Getting Help from Social Security Office Fort Lauderdale

Many people who apply for SSD benefits feel alone during the process. The complexity of applying for SSD benefits is frustrating, and you may feel that no one understands the struggles that you are experiencing. You should know that you’re not alone during this difficult time. Consult with a Jacksonville Disability lawyer to help you take the stress out of the lengthy SSD benefit application process.

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