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Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney

Having an attorney by your side can be tremendously helpful. If you are suffering from a long-term medical condition, you may need a disability attorney to assist you. Before applying for social security benefits, contact a trusted lawyer near you. At Chermol & Fishman, LLC, we have the Social Security Disability Lawyer Tampa claimants deserve.
Hiring an experienced disability attorney can bring numerous advantages. Not only does it decrease your stress level, but it also increases the probability of your claim being successful.
There are multiple reasons why you should consider hiring a disability attorney.

  • You Don’t Have to Wait in Long Lines

This is one of the obvious perks of hiring an SSD Attorney Tampa representative. As backlogged as the SSD system can be, the last thing you want is to wait in line. By consulting with a professional disability lawyer, you get the chance to eliminating the long lines and work with a professional instead. Your social security advocate can take care of most, if not all, of the legwork for you.

  • You Can Worry Less About Painstaking Paperwork

Oftentimes, you may have to fill out more than 40 pages of forms when applying for disability benefits. All 40 or more pages must be included with detailed information on your education, medical reports, work capabilities and limitations, and more.
If you’re a claimant without a lawyer, you might have to gather all of this information on your own. This can be especially difficult for claimants with severe health conditions.
Hiring an expert means that you can reduce this headache and leave the legal legwork and paperwork to your attorney. Your attorney knows how best to handle this process. In fact, a Disability Attorney Tampa expert will meticulously complete the paperwork, strengthening the case for your disability claim.

  • You Don’t Have To ‘Speak the Language’ Of The SSA

The Social Security Administration (SSA) can have an endlessly confusing set of regulations, rules, and qualification criteria. A professional disability lawyer Tampa specialist understands how these rules and regulations apply.
With the help of an attorney, you don’t have to understand the legal language of the SSA.
Oftentimes, the SSA relies on many abbreviations of terms. These include: SSI, CE, SSD, ME, VE, SSA, SGA, ALJ, and more. Hiring a professional makes it easier to move through the process and make sense of these unfamiliar terms.
In many cases, only a well-versed lawyer fully understands how these terms apply.

  • Help with Understanding the Medical Criteria

Oftentimes, applicants for social security disability rush to their nearest social security office Tampa location. This can be a mistake. If you are not prepared, you may be hurting your chances of eventually getting benefits. Fortunately, a lawyer can help determine whether or not your medical condition meets the strict criteria of the SSA.
Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney
Legal experts recognize the methods used to obtain medical information, including evidence necessary to support your claim. If you have already filed and your application was denied, hiring a seasoned attorney makes sense.
Such a professional can identify the problems and then work accordingly to help resolve the situation. Sometimes, you may need additional medical opinions, reports, examinations, or diagnoses.
You No Longer Need to Worry About Missing A Deadline or An Appointment
The SSA can be unforgiving when you miss a crucial date. If you are appealing a denied claim for disability, you must do so within 60 days of getting your letter of rejection. If you miss this deadline, you will then need to file a new application and start your process all over again.
Once you hire a social security attorney Tampa trusts, you can worry less about missing a deadline or an appointment. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about filing deadlines or schedules. A law firm can handle these aspects and keep you updated as the process moves along.
You Don’t Have to Draft A Brief Yourself
When appealing a denied claim, a skilled lawyer can sometimes help you avoid a disability hearing by presenting an effective legal brief that outlines the arguments for your benefits. If the judge is persuaded by the brief, you may receive a favorable decision before the hearing. This not only saves time and money, but also significantly reduces your stress.
You Don’t Have to Pay Unless You Win

  • The fee procedure for Social Security Disability (SSD) is highly regulated. Almost all disability lawyers are hired on contingency. This means that they are paid once they win benefits for their clients. When your legal representative helps you with a successful outcome, he or she collects fees based on the SSA’s “backpay” awards.
  • This fee comes from the amount of back benefits you are entitled to when your disability benefits are approved. Lawyers can receive up to 25% of this amount, as long as it does not exceed $6,000. 
  • Remember, your lawyer is the one who handles your disability case. Hire an expert according to the qualities that you want and need in your legal representative. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the disability attorneys of Chermol & Fishman, LLC today.

You Feel More Confident with a Professional by Your Side

Disability lawyers who practice before the SSA must comply with all the rules and responsibilities of the SSA. By choosing a legal representative to handle your disability case, you can feel more confident.
You can rest easier knowing that your case is being managed by a knowledgeable, ethical legal professional.

You can leave the legal wrangling to your SSD Attorney in Tampa

In some cases following a denial, you get the opportunity to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This might sound like a nerve-wracking experience, but with the help of a Tampa social security disability attorney, the process can become a lot smoother.
You can prepare for your hearing with insightful and pertinent questions. This process can make your medical and legal arguments stronger in the eyes of the judge. A skilled disability attorney may know how to best present your arguments during an SSD appeal.