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Pennsylvania: General Assistance Benefits Slashed for Thousands

Do You Get $205 a Month From Pennsylvania Welfare?
You Will Lose Your Cash Assistance Starting August 1.

Pennsylvania-General-Assistance-Benefits-Slashed-for-Thousands Pennsylvania’s new state budget ends the General Assistance program. General Assistance is cash welfare for people with no minor children.

You will lose your cash assistance if:

  • You are not caring for a minor child, and
  • You get $102.50 from welfare two times a month.

This means that most people currently on General Assistance will lose their cash assistance on August 1 –even if they are disabled and can’t work!


  • You are pregnant, OR
  • You are caring for a child, OR
  • You are blind
Most people in these groups can keep their cash assistance.
  • If you lose your cash assistance, you can still get food stamps. If you have no income you should get approximately $200 a month in food stamps.
  • You should also keep your Medical Assistance. Be sure to get your doctor to fill out the welfare office’s medical form (called the Employability Assessment Form), whenever the welfare office needs it.
  • If the welfare office makes a mistake, appeal, and get help. For help with this, you can contact the Pennsylvania Community Legal Services’ Welfare Law Line at (215) 227-6485. Appeal first, then call for help.
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