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Disability Lawyers in Georgia

What to Expect From a Disability Lawyers in Georgia? 

If you are in a dilemma over how the social security disability system works in Georgia, then let’s tell you that the system is a complicated one and attaining benefits is not at all easy. But, do not get discouraged as, although the overall process might be complex yet, the benefits can indeed help you attain financial security. 

The rules and regulations might be exhausting for you and your family yet, if you are successful, you will begin receiving monthly benefit payments. Do not forget that there is hope above all, which will surely motivate you to get the benefits.

Whether you are a father who has recently been disabled and worried about how to serve your family or your child has been disabled and you need that extra help owing to his or her challenging condition or maybe you are a single mother and not able to work owing to your disability, you may be in great need of financial assistance. In all these situations, you might need financial help which you can gain by applying for the disability benefits in Georgia

disability lawyer in GeorgiaDisability Lawyers in Georgia will indeed assist you and guide you in various steps such as:

  • keeping the right focus which can be required for representing a disabled individual 
  • getting all your necessary work done in filing an appeal

Consider hiring an attorney who has a great track record of success in social security disability cases including both routine and complex cases. You can even hire a skilled attorney who will charge no fees until you attain the benefits for social security disability. 

Irrespective of whether you are applying for the benefits for the very first time or you have been denied one or two times and reapplying you should always Disability Attorneys in Georgia who will discuss your chances of success, as well as guide you about the disability maze and how to make the right decisions as to how to proceed further.

Disability Benefits Offered by Social Security Administration in Georgia

Disability, as you all likely know, can occur anytime and at any age. The facts show that people who are 20 plus in age have a one in four chance of getting injured and becoming disabled. This is where the role of the Social Security Administration (SSA) comes into play where they offer benefits for such kinds of individuals who become disabled. 

Social Security Administration offers two types of benefits to disabled individuals in the form of monthly compensation:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

However, if any individual wants to get compensation from one of these benefits, then he or she has to apply for the same. Although, most of the initial applications are rejected by the SSA. This is where you can benefit from the guidance of a Social Security Disability Lawyers in Georgia who has experience in handling disability cases. Now, there must be a question lingering in your mind about how to apply for the disability benefits.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits in Georgia?

As we all now know, there are two kinds of benefits, SSDI and SSI, which a disabled person can gain. Let’s have a glance at both of them. 

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), then you must meet certain disability requirements. These benefits are geared towards individuals who are not able to work owing to their serious medical condition which has been lasting for at least one year or more and, in some cases, it might lead to the death of the disabled. Vocational experts can intervene and asked to analyze the disabled person’s situation and whether he can perform any work which can help him earn money or not.

In addition to this, people looking out to receive SSDI benefits must also have been working for long enough to qualify for SSDI. One more requirement that you must meet in order to qualify for benefits is that you have been contributing to the SSDI program for some years in the way of Social Security income taxes. Before granting the SSDI benefits, the claimant’s employment history is also checked in the form of work credits where it might be possible that you have achieved four work credits for each year of employment. 

Although, in some special cases it might happen that despite working anywhere the disabled individual will get the benefits. If you want to gain more insights on the SSDI benefits and disability claim, you should contact an experienced attorney. 

To gain SSI benefits, on the other hand, an individual’s work history is not considered, rather the SSI program is aimed at providing benefits to individuals having less income and inadequate resources. Therefore, if you are suffering from a disability such as blindness or your disabling condition is severe, then you can apply for SSI benefits.

In the SSA review process for disabled people, all the information about the claimant’s medical condition is collected, the SSA reviewing team can have a word with your doctor about the claimant’s medical condition, review your medical condition and how it is laying a constraint on your daily activities along with analyzing all the medical treatments that the claimant is receiving. For any additional information, the SSA can call the claimant and can even organize a special test for you.

Social Security Disability Benefits in Georgia

Let’s make it clear for you which among the two programs i.e., SSDI or SSI is suitable for you. Both of the SSDI and SSI programs are aimed to offer monthly gains for disabled people. Although, the requirements of both programs vary greatly. Therefore, you need to know which program will suit your needs and which will prove to be the best for you and your family.  

To get the most appropriate advice on the programs, you should consult an attorney who has experience in such types of cases and who can also provide you with the right guidance in how to file an appeal.

Chermol and Fishman, LLC aims to help people from the beginning till the end. The firm helps to ensure that our clients do not have any confusion while applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

All of the experienced lawyers in the firm deliver quality in all of their disability cases whether they are simple or complex. Contact a disability attorney to know more about how to get the disability benefits. 

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