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Social Security Disability Lawyer Augusta

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an insurance program provided by the United States government. Anyone who is disabled may be able to receive SSDI benefits. If you are disabled and struggling to work, you should apply with the Social Security Administration (SSA) today.
  • The Social Security or Blue Book Listings of Impairments contains a list of all the SSA’s recognized disorders and disabling conditions.
  • A Disability Lawyers In Augusta GA representative should understand these requirements and laws listed by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Do I Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

Social Security Disability Lawyer Augusta

  • All conditions that qualify for benefits are contained under the Listings of Impairments. Conditions such as arthritis, kidney diseases, heart failure, asthma, and many other diseases are included. You can file your claim and fill out the application form if your illness is on the list.
  • However, you can still file a claim if your condition is not found on the list. In such a situation, you should speak to a lawyer. You may need to consult an SSD Attorney Augusta trusts to assist you with the claim. A top-tier legal professional can help you understand if your claim has a good chance of being approved or not.
  • For SSDI, you must be unable to work. The condition must have lasted for at least 12 months or be expected to last at least 12 months. If the condition is terminal, that can also qualify for SSDI.
  • A person applying for SSDI must be unable to earn more than $1,260 per month. There are different requirements for younger individuals and adults. Adult applicants must have worked for at least five years of the past ten years.
  • If your condition is not in the Blue Book, the SSA will evaluate your disability condition. A disability attorney Augusta expert can help you understand which essential documents and evidence you need to increase the likelihood of winning your claim.
  • Various expert reports and paperwork make a huge difference. At times, an individual’s application is rejected simply because the application form is incomplete or contains inaccurate information.
  • If you do not have the proper documents and evidence, you may get denied as well.

Common Reasons for Denial

The number of people applying for social security disability claims has significantly increased in the past few years. This may be one reason many applications are denied. As of today, the denial rate is about 60% which means that more than half of disability claims are not approved.
There are various reasons that your application may not get approval.
Some of these reasons include:
Lack of medical documents and records

  • One of the most common reasons is the inability to prove your disability, due to a lack of medical records. If you do not have enough documentation, your application might not be approved by the SSA. If you want to win approval, you need to prove that you are suffering from your specific condition with complete and accurate documentation.
  • For example, you may be visiting your doctor monthly for arthritis or some other condition. However, if your doctor has not documented that the disease is severe, the SSA may determine your condition to be less than disabling. In some cases, your doctor may fail to document how your condition affects your ability to perform work. As a result, your claim may be denied, and you may fail to receive benefits.
  • Medical records play a significant role in getting approval. Speak to an experienced attorney who can represent you at your Social Security Office Augusta GA location. Discuss your disability condition with your lawyer and your healthcare provider.

Prior Denials

  • A common mistake that most people make is that they do not reapply if the SSA has rejected their first application. Instead of filing a new claim, you should always apply for the appeals process. Speak to a trained attorney to learn more about the process of appeal. If you are not knowledgeable about the process of Social Security Augusta GA receives, you should consult an attorney.


  • Your income capacity is another factor that may affect your chances of approval. It is essential to understand that the Social Security Department will not approve your application if you are earning a specified amount. In 2020, you cannot earn over $1,260 per month.
  • Many individuals who apply for social security also work part-time. So, if you are working and earning more than the specified amount, the SSA may reject your application. Discuss this with your lawyer to better understand the Social Security Disability Augusta GA beneficiaries receive.

Not following treatment suggested by your doctor

If you are seeing a doctor for your medical condition, you need to follow their medical advice. If you are not following through on a course of treatment, the Social Security Administration is likely to deny your application.

After all, the SSA might consider your disability partially your fault. The SSA might say that you are the one who is unwilling to cooperate with the treatment plan. Whatever you do, do not ignore your doctor’s orders!
There are certain exceptional cases. Some include:

  • Lack of money to continue the treatment
  • Another doctor disagrees with the suggested treatment
  • Extreme fear of surgery
  • Severe mental issues
  • Religious beliefs

If there is any other issue, you can raise it in the appeal. You can tell the judge your problem. To make this argument effective, you should hire a lawyer who can represent you by working closely with your Social Security Office Augusta GA location. If you need assistance with any steps of the disability application or appeals process, you should consult the trusted lawyers of Chermol & Fishman, LLC, today.

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