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Disability Attorney Savannah GA

Hire an Experienced Disability Lawyer in Savannah to Represent Your Case

  • Following a series of injuries or illnesses, you may face long-term disability. If you find yourself disabled and unable to work, you should consult a professional legal representative for help. Personal disability lawyers fight tirelessly for your right to disability benefits.
  • But finding the right disability lawyer can be daunting. Fortunately, the attorneys at Chermol & Fishman, LLC are highly experienced in social security law. We have helped disabled people and their family members get benefits for years.
  • Our Social Security Disability Attorney Savannah experts understand the SSD benefits application process fully and clearly.

Finding the right disability lawyer is often a time-consuming, and even confusing, task. You may have to spend hours looking through attorney and law firm websites, asking friends and family, and comparing all types of legal representatives.
Disability Attorney Savannah GA

Identify the Kind of Lawyer You Specifically Require

  • If you have never contacted a Social Security Disability Lawyer Savannah expert before, you shouldn’t rush. Ensure that you understand what your lawyer has done and hasn’t done. Some disability lawyers don’t deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly. Other attorneys are hesitant to go to court.
  • Some attorneys only handle certain disability claims pertaining to specific conditions. Make sure you know if your attorney will be right for you. Your attorney should also be compassionate, professional, and effective. You want a lawyer with good character.
  • You also want a professional with positive testimonials and a strong win ratio. If a prospective attorney does not have a track record of success, simply move on in your search.

Consult Your Family and Professional Contacts

  • Close friends are often reliable resources, as well as family members. You can also network with professional legal contacts to determine the SSD attorney who is right for you. One type of lawyer may have a friend who specializes in another area of law.
  • Take your time and find the Disability Attorney Savannah GA residents trust. Remember, not all ‘disability’ lawyers manage social security disability. Some are personal injury lawyers. These attorneys manage personal injury claims, which are different from social security disability claims.
  • In some cases, applicants for social security might also be personal injury claimants. Personal injury law is different because it requires finding another party at-fault. This is a civil court issue that typically depends on proving negligence or intent.  Personal injuries can stem from all types of accidents, including dog bites, slips and falls, car crashes, medical malpractice, and more.
  • Social security law, by comparison, involves two federal government programs that provide disability benefits to qualified recipients.

Finding Disability Lawyers in Savannah GA

  • If you are pursuing social security disability, you may have to visit a local Social Security Office Savannah location. Before you do this, be sure to do research and find a qualified lawyer. You want to take the time to choose an attorney wisely to represent your SSD claim.
  • SSD cases are often more complicated than other types of cases. This is why your claim requires a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

Your social security disability lawyer can review your entire case, from your initial application to your final appeal. Throughout the process, you must provide all necessary information to your lawyer. You will need substantial medical, vocational, and personal information.