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Social Security Disability Attorney Atlantic City

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is an essential federal framework intended to provide financial assistance to anyone who suffers a temporary or permanent disability that renders them unable to work. The program is different than Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, Worker’s Compensation programs and private insurance coverage.
If you become disabled and are no longer able to work due to a disability, Social Security Disability may be available. This type of assistance should not be thought of as a freebie, a handout or even government assistance. Anyone who has worked for several years prior to becoming disabled has likely already paid a portion of their wages into this system of insurance and therefore deserves the help it provides.
Social Security Disability Attorney Atlantic City

Social Security Disability Insurance Eligibility in Atlantic City

  • The rules and regulations surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility are complex and sometimes difficult to decipher. Factors used by the Social Security Administration include the applicant’s age, date of disability, employment history, medical condition, treatment requirements and more. 
  • All benefits applications must be submitted to the Social Security Administration as well as to the New Jersey Disability Determination Services office. Claims that are initially denied may also be formally appealed. This process is often quite daunting, particularly if your disability has already caused everyday tasks to be extremely challenging. Contacting an attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability can help alleviate some of the burden.
  • The applicable state Disability Determination Services office and the judges assigned to your case have a great deal of influence over whether your application will be approved or denied. For this reason, it is wise to have a Social Security Disability attorney on your side who possesses a thorough understanding of all applicable state and federal regulations. The skilled team at Chermol & Fishman LLC knows the subtleties of how these determinations are made. We stand ready to aggressively advocate for you and your loved ones.
  • An experienced Atlantic City Social Security Disability lawyer can aggressively represent your interests during the application process. They can help you to file all necessary paperwork, explain the process in plain language and help you gather all of information and documentation needed to pursue your claim. Your Atlantic City Social Security Disability lawyer’s primary job is to make certain you receive the disability benefits to which you are entitled with the least amount of struggling as possible.

Atlantic City Social Security Office

The local field office for Atlantic City, New Jersey is:

Social Security Administration
1350 Doughty Rd
Egg Harbor TWP, NJ 08234

You can also reach the Atlantic City Social Security office by phone at: 1-800-772-1213. The field office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 3:30pm.

Atlantic City Disability Benefits and Support

Many of those seeking Social Security Disability benefits for themselves, also have dependents to think about when filing their application. Spouses, dependent sons, or daughters, and possibly even grandchildren may be eligible to receive benefits under certain circumstances.

Your lawyer will be able to help determine whether your family members meet the qualifications and assist you in collecting evidence in support of their eligibility. Your dependents will be treated as an integral component of your application. No decision regarding your application or appeal strategy will be made without taking their interests and needs into consideration.

Social Security Disability Benefit eligibility decisions greatly impact not only the applicant, but often their families as well. Residents of Atlantic City who are faced with a temporary or permanent disability can rest assured that the team of professionals at Chermol & Fishman is ready to vigorously pursue their rights and fight to secure the most favourable outcome possible.