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New York Disability Lawyer

How Can A New York Disability Lawyer Help You File for Disability?

If you live in New York and want to file a disability claim with Social Security, you should be informed about the entire application process. You can file a disability claim online, call the Social Security Administration, or visit a local Social Security Office. There are 126 Social Security Offices throughout the state of New York, so you can visit the office nearest to you.

New York Disability Lawyer You can apply over the phone by calling 800-772-1213. People suffering from hearing ailments can call 800-325-0778. You can also call these numbers to book an in-person appointment with a Social Security representative. If you are unsure about handling the application on your own, a New York disability lawyer can provide you with more information about the process before you contact Social Security.

Legal guidance can be helpful when preparing SSDI or SSI application forms for submission to the SSA. These applications require you to submit certain documentation, including detailed medical and work history information, to prove your disability. An attorney can efficiently collect all the relevant medical records and any other proof required to support your application.

How to Apply for Disability in NY?

When an American is experiencing a disabling condition or has become disabled permanently, they can apply for benefits to help with their living expenses. Certain conditions must be met to be eligible for benefits: generally, you must be unable to perform any daily activities or be unable to perform any work. If either of these applies to you, then you could be eligible for one or both of the following disability programs:

It is the Social Security Administration (SSA) that runs both of these federal programs. This means the application process is the same throughout the country, so you may acquire disability benefits in NYC the same way as you would in any other location in the United States.

Some of the disabilities for which residents of New York receive benefits include:

No matter what kind of disability you have, you must make sure that you include all of the required information in your application. You must have your Social Security number, proof of age, test results, and contact information of your doctors and caseworkers.

You must also submit your W2 form, tax returns, and places you have worked. It can be quite a complex process to ultimately receive benefits. However, gathering all the essential documents in advance can make the overall process more convenient.

What Are the Chances of Your Application Getting Approved?

In New York, there is a probability of 50% that your application will get approved. Due to New York’s massive population, the estimated wait time for approval is generally longer than in less populous states. Of the total number of cases, about 48% get approved and 32% get denied. Approximately 18% of the cases get dismissed.  

What Is the Process for Filing a Disability Appeal in NYC?

If you file for disability benefits and your application gets rejected, then you can file an appeal. The appeal process is made up of the following four stages:

Reconsideration: An individual has 2 months to request a reconsideration after an initial application gets denied. In this stage, your documents will be reviewed by a representative of the SSA who was not involved in the previous process.

Hearing by Administrative Law Judge (ALJ): If the reconsideration does not result in your approval, you can request a hearing before an ALJ within 60 days of your reconsideration determination. Having one of our New York social security disability lawyers represent you at this hearing can be very helpful.

Review by the Appeals Council: If the ALJ denies your application, you can bring your case to the Social Security Appeals Council. An attorney can explain to you why your claim was denied in the earlier stages and help you submit a request for this stage of review.

Review that was done by the federal court: If the Social Security Appeals Council denies your claim, your final option is to appeal their decision to federal court. With the help of an attorney, you can file a civil action in a U.S. District Court. The court will review all of the evidence and decide whether the Social Security Administration made a mistake in denying your application. This stage is where social security disability attorneys in New York can be especially helpful.

SSI Program in New York

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sanctions a maximum amount of $841 every month for individuals. Along with SSI, New York also provides eligible individuals with additional payments of $87 through the New York State Supplement Program (SSP). 

If both spouses are eligible, a married couple may receive $104 every month from SSP benefits. Recipients who are residing in residential care, enhanced residential care, or family care can receive greater SSP benefits. 

Contact New York Social Security Disability Lawyers at Chermol and Fishman, LLC

If you are injured at your job or become disabled, you have to deal with emotional and financial stress. To overcome this hardship, you need monetary support. Getting approved for Social Security benefits can help you get back on your feet. Contact an attorney at Chermol & Fishman who can help you get the benefits you need.


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