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Social Security Disability Attorney Harrisburg PA

Social Security Disability Insurance is an important social program that protects American workers who are no longer able to work due to a disability. Supported by payroll taxes, SSDI is not a government handout or a “free ride.” SSDI is a necessary source of funding that you and your family may need to support each other during a difficult period of transition. If you have become permanently or temporarily disabled, you may qualify for disability benefits.

Unfortunately, the process of applying for SSDI can be difficult and discouraging. First, you will need to figure out whether you are eligible to receive benefits. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of approved physical and psychological conditions that confer basic disability eligibility.
SSD Attorney Harrisburg
You will also need to meet several other criteria before being cleared to receive SSDI. The requirements state that you must not be eligible to draw retirement benefits through Social Security and that you must have accumulated a certain number of “work credits” during your working life.

To obtain SSD benefits, you must apply through the Social Security Administration as well as the Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services Office. To reduce the likelihood of mistakes during the application process, you may wish to retain the services of an experienced attorney. If your initial application is denied, your attorney will be especially helpful during the convoluted appeals process that follows.

The Best Social Security Office Harrisburg PA

Social Security
Suite 810
555 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, Pa 17101

You can also reach the Harrisburg Social Security Office by phone at: 1-888-327-1176. The field office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 3:00pm.

Harrisburg Social Security Hearing Office

The Social Security Hearing Office is located in Harrisburg. The address is:

SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
2 N. 2nd Street, 8th Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101

  • You can reach the office by phone at (888) 352-3691 or by fax at (717) 236-3150.
  • The hearing office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer Harrisburg PA

The team of SSD experts at Chermol & Fishman LLC will provide you with a full range of advice and services. Our firm’s legal professionals are deeply familiar with the Harrisburg legal community and maintain working relationships with the judges and legal staff who may play a role in your petition for disability benefits.

They work well very with the local Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services office and can also guide you when communicating with the federal Social Security Administration.

Throughout the entire process, your Harrisburg SSD attorneys will keep you abreast of developments related to your case and explain the protocols and procedures of the application process in plain English that you can understand.

Social Security Office Harrisburg PA

They will file paperwork on your behalf and ensure that your application is filled out correctly and on time. When you work with our seasoned SSD team at Chermol & Fishman LLC, we can assure you that our team will fight for your best interests and answer only to you.

Under certain circumstances, you may also be permitted to include some of your family members on your disability benefits application, which will increase the potential amount of assistance that you are entitled to receive. Qualifying family members may include your non-working spouse and unmarried children. If they can qualify as your dependents, you may even be able to include your grandchildren on your SSD application.

Our compassionate legal team at Chermol & Fishman LLC understands that you may need to use your benefits to support multiple family members. To guide you through the complex process of adding beneficiaries to your application, you will need a lawyer who cares about your entire family and exhibits a willingness to fight aggressively to secure the support that you deserve. You can find that lawyer at Chermol and Fishman LLC.