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Social Security Disability Lawyer Levittown

Social security disability insurance (SSDI) is designed to help people who are unable to work due to a debilitating illness or other disability. People who are suffering from temporary or permanent disabilities may be eligible to collect benefits.

It is important to understand that SSDI is separate from workers’ compensation, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and any insurance benefits that an individual may pay for out of pocket.

Staying financially stable while living with a disability can be difficult. If you are struggling with your inability to work, you should consider filing for SSDI benefits. SSDI is not a type of government handout– this is a type of insurance that you have paid into throughout your working life via  payroll tax deductions.

While SSDI benefits are available to you if you suffer from a recognized and diagnosed disability, applying for benefits is a lengthy and confusing process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes several factors into consideration when determining whether a person will qualify for benefits. These include  age, length of work history, treatment needs and diagnosis date.

The Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services and the SSA must both review an application for benefits for the request to be considered. People who are suffering from a disability often find that the process is particularly difficult because they are already dealing with fatigue, weakness, and other side effects of their disability.
Disability Lawyer Levittown PA
Applications that have been denied may be appealed, but applicants may not understand how to navigate the appeals process. Fortunately, law firms that specialize in assisting with SSDI cases are able help.

The Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services office must receive your application for benefits to determine whether you are eligible. Denials are not uncommon and can happen as a result of an incomplete or inaccurate application. It is possible for you to be left without benefits even if you are truly unable to work due to a disability. Your best chance of receiving the benefits you need is by having an experienced attorney on your side who is knowledgeable about both the state and federal regulations that apply to SSDI.

An SSDI lawyer will start by asking you questions about your disability. The Levittown attorney will work with you, your medical professionals and the SSA to collect information, file paperwork, and aggressively fight for your right to benefits.

Applicants who go through the process alone often feel confused about asking their medical professionals to provide the records needed to apply for benefits. Your attorney will make sure that records related to initial symptoms, diagnosis, and ongoing treatment are collected and sent in with your application.

You may not be the only person who is depending on your income to pay for necessities. Many people who are eligible for benefits can receive higher payments when a spouse, child or grandchild financially depends on them.

When the well-being of your family is at stake, you should find help with your SSDI case to lower your chances of denial. An experienced Levittown disability attorney will be able to discuss and determine whether you may be able to support your family through SSDI benefits.

Our attorneys are dedicated to taking the needs of their clients into consideration when filing paperwork and communicating with the SSA. Levittown-area residents who are struggling with a disability should contact our  law office for a free consultation.

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