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Mifflin County Disability Lawyer

Mifflin County, located in central Pennsylvania, is known for its hunting and fishing opportunities. In addition, the region offers Civil War history, annual festivals, and more. It’s also home to Social Security Disability lawyers who assist SSDI & SSI claimants every day. If you live in Mifflin County and you’re disabled and unable to work, you may be eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits.

A Supplemental Security Income lawyer can help you submit a claim to Social Security for benefits, and fight the denial of your claim if it’s denied. The best SSI lawyer for you is someone who understands your needs and is familiar with the whole process.

Social Security Disability Insurance


SSDI benefits may be available to Pennsylvania residents who have worked and paid into the system through taxes. To be eligible for SSDI benefits, you must have earned a certain amount of work credits, which are determined by yearly earnings. The number of work credits earned for each year worked depends on your income level. The more credits you have earned during your career, the easier it is to meet eligibility requirements for benefits.

Even if you have earned the requisite amount of work credits, you will also need to provide proof of disability. To be considered disabled under Social Security Disability Insurance, you must have an impairment or medical condition that prevents you from earning a specified amount of money per month. This amount changes yearly with inflation.

Appealing Social Security Disability Decision in Mifflin County

If your claim for Social Security benefits is denied, you may be able to appeal the decision by filing a request for reconsideration. Because these processes often involve complicated legal details, it’s best to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate this difficult road. The appeal process consists of the following four stages:

  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
  • Review by the Appeals Council
  • Federal Court review

The first step in appealing a decision by SSA is known as Reconsideration. After your claim for benefits is denied, you have 60 days to request reconsideration. This has the effect of “re-opening” your claim with Social Security. It’s important to understand that this request must be sent within the stated time frame.

In the Reconsideration stage, your application will be reviewed by a new disability claims examiner. He or she will consider any additional evidence you submit along with your claim. Your request for reconsideration must include all the evidence that supports your initial claim, and it must be in writing and accompanied by a cover letter. The SSA provides all necessary forms for this process.

Social Security Disability Hearing

If your Social Security Disability claim is denied, you may be entitled to further review or appeal of the decision. The next level is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). An experienced lawyer for SSI disability can help guide you through this process as well. You are entitled to have an attorney present at the hearing, but it’s not required. If you decide to bring an attorney with you, he’ll be available to represent you during this stage.

Mifflin County, PA is within the SSA’s Philadelphia Region, so the hearing will likely take place at one of the 25 hearing offices throughout the region. The SSA provides extensive instructions on how to prepare for a disability hearing. You should review these carefully and keep them in mind when consulting with your lawyer.

Your lawyer will conduct research and find medical evidence to support your claim. They can also help you gather any new medical evidence needed during this stage.

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