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Social Security Disability Lawyer Tobyhanna

If you have been temporarily or permanently unable to work because of a disability, there is a federal government program that is intended to help you with your everyday expenses. Social security disability insurance (“SSDI”) is funded by people who have worked in the past and is not a government handout. You have already paid for this program through automatic payroll deductions, so it is not a charity or a private insurance policy.

Qualifying for SSD benefits in Tobyhanna

Qualifying for SSD benefits weighs heavily on your ability to prove your disability via thorough medical records, including treatment information.  Medical records; however, are not the only piece of information that is considered in an SSD application. Work history, as well as information related to when you were first diagnosed with a disability, are also typically requested.

When you are applying for benefits in the state of Pennsylvania, this information must be sent to the Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services office and the Social Security Administration (SSA).
Disability Lawyer Tobyhanna
Navigating the process of applying for benefits is especially difficult when you must do the extra work of deciphering all of the technical terms related to the application. You must satisfy both the SSA and the Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services office when applying for benefits. So, hiring a lawyer with experience in handling cases with both offices is a must.

Your lawyer will be responsible for helping you gather all of the necessary information for the application This includes requesting medical records and filing all of the paperwork in a timely manner. If you have any questions about the application, an SSD attorney will be able to answer them for you, so you can understand every step of the process.

Should you be pursuing an appeal after a denial of an initial application, your legal representative will be able to read and interpret your denial notice and get to work on getting you the benefits you need. SSD lawyers are working for their clients to make sure that they get the benefits that they need to support themselves and their families. Therefore, they have their client’s best interests in mind.

You may be able to receive benefits to cover expenses for people who depend on you financially if they qualify. Immediate family members including your spouse, children, and even grandchildren could be considered when your application is being processed, so it is essential that you mention to your attorney if you have any dependents prior to filing. Family members who depend on you for financial support could experience a severe reduction in their quality of life if you are denied benefits or are approved for an amount that is too low to cover the needs of dependents who rely on you. Your SSD lawyer knows this and will keep your family members in mind when fighting for your SSD benefits.

Be sure that your dependents are included in your application and talk to your social security disability lawyer. Gain peace of mind for you and your family by having an experienced lawyer on your side throughout the social security disability benefit application process.

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