We do not request reimbursement of costs
(such as repayment for obtaining medical records)
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Disability Lawyers Chermol & Fishman to Offer $1000 semi-annual college scholarship

The social security disability attorneys at Chermol & Fishman have officially confirmed that they will be hosting a semi-annual college scholarship opportunity. To determine the recipient of this scholarship, an essay contest will be held twice a year. The contest will be open to anyone who is currently enrolled (or will be enrolled) in an accredited U.S. college or university. The applicant pool is not limited to undergraduates, and will be open to community college and graduate students as well. The intended use of the scholarship is to finance the recipient’s purchase of required supplies and materials, such as textbooks, writing materials, or even a personal computer. Though the $1000 prize is reserved for first place, second and third place winners will receive $750 and $500, respectively.

Firm co-founder David Chermol stated, “We are so proud to be directly supporting the educational journey of the next generation. Our attorneys understand how difficult financing a higher education can be, and want to do our part to make those aspirations a reality.”

The current essay prompt is the following:

  • Laws are intended to create a structure for society to achieve equality for all of its citizens.  Sometimes those laws fail to achieve this goal.  Provide contemporary examples and explore the societal structures, systems, and practices that are in place to handle the times in which laws fail to promote equality.

Submissions should be minimum of 500 words, but no longer than 800; quality will still take priority over quantity, and so applicants should not assume a longer essay is more likely to be selected. All winning essays will be posted on the firm’s website as part of an ongoing archive of winning submissions. Any instances of plagiarism will be heavily penalized, and the applicant in question will be disqualified and barred from all future contests.

Essays will be graded on the following 25-point rubric:

  • 5/5- Grammar and style
  • 5/5- Proper citations (MLA formatting)
  • 5/5- Prompt relevance
  • 5/5- Creativity
  • 5/5- Strength of argument

Applications should be sent to ford@myseoguru.com with the essays attached as either .doc or .docx file formats. In the body of the email please include the applicant’s name, phone number, and the college/university they will be attending. “Scholarship” should be included in the subject line. We will reach out to the winner by email and phone call. If we receive no response within seven days, the winner will forfeit their prize and the scholarship will be awarded to someone else. Those who are not selected to receive the scholarship are highly encouraged to reapply the following semester. Winners are also allowed and encouraged to reapply in subsequent semesters.

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring this exciting opportunity, and hope to receive many excellent submissions.

  • Spring application deadline: December 31st
  • Fall application deadline: July 31st

Awards will be disbursed directly to the winner’s school.

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