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Irving Social Security Disability Lawyers

Irving, Texas, is a large city on the northwest border of Dallas that was once the largest area for mixed-use development in the United States. The city supports residents from a variety of backgrounds, but one trait that most of them share is a dependence on their paychecks to support themselves and their families. When those paychecks stop because a person can no longer work due to an injury or medical condition, the outlook can be intimidating.

Many people do not understand, however, that the federal government has a safety net in place for U.S. workers who become disabled and can no longer work which is known as SSDI.

SSDI is a federal insurance program that is paid for by workers through their payroll taxes. Qualified workers are covered by the insurance and can receive benefits if they are no longer able to work because of a disabling injury or condition.
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The eligibility requirements for SSDI are very different than they are for private disability insurance and other public programs, because SSDI only covers long-term disabilities.

To qualify for SSDI, you must meet a very strict definition of being disabled:

  • A doctor expects the disability to last a minimum of one year or to cause death.
  • The disability prevents you from working.
  • The disability does not permit you to adjust to other work.

Because the program is meant for workers, you must also work a minimum number of years based on the age when you became disabled, and some of this work must have been performed recently. Generally, you are required to have 20 work credits in the last 10 years, but younger applicants may qualify with as few as six credits. Those who are 24 to 31 need work credits for half the time since they have turned 21.

If your application is accepted, then you will receive a modest monthly benefit in an amount determined by your past earnings. At the beginning of 2016, the average SSDI benefit for an individual was $1,166 per month, and it was $1,984 for those who were married with children.To file for SSDI in Irving, TX, start by completing an application online at the SSA website or by visiting the SSA office in Grand Prairie. Even though you may receive help with the application at that office, the process can be very daunting and may take some time.

You will have to provide personal information, including details about your impairments and documents like medical transcripts. to prove that  the information you gave is accurate.

After you submit the application, you will have to wait three months or longer for a reply, and the news is rarely good. Only about 36 percent of SSDI applications are accepted after the initial review, and only about 14 percent of rejected applications are even accepted when submitted for reconsideration. The next step is requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Although each case is different, a reliable disability SSDI attorney can be of great help, especially when you are still learning how to live with your disability and a reduced income.

A member of our experienced team at Chermol & Fishman, LLC will prepare your application accurately and provide detailed documentation about your disabling condition. This can save you both time and trouble.

In addition, an experienced attorney practicing disability law can be indispensable, should you have to appear before an administrative law judge for a hearing.

Your attorney will know how to present your case so that you have the highest chance of success. For further information about SSDI and a free consultation, contact a Texas disability attorney today.