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Social Security Disability Attorney Round Rock

Qualifying for Disability Benefits in Round Rock

Social Security Disability Attorney Round RockThe government of the United States of America offers a comprehensive monetary aid program for disabled people and their families. This program is most commonly known as Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, or SSDI. The federal government agency that administers these benefits is the Social Security Administration (SSA).  The SSA actually administers two disability related benefit programs. These are SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).The application process is complicated. There are specific requirements set by the SSA that must be met in order for an applicant to move forward and eventually receive benefits.

Every claim has to be supported by extensive medical and employment history documentation. Oftentimes, the assistance of a legal expert will make collecting this information easier.  If you are applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, you should consult the Disability Attorney Round Rock applicants trust the most.  Contact the attorneys of Chermol & Fishman, LLC.

Five key points to consider when applying for social security benefits

  • Your ability to work: The primary purpose of Social Security benefits is to help financially support people who are facing long term disability and are no longer able to work. The SSDI program helps recipients throughout periods of long term incapacity. If you are unable to work, disability benefits can offset costs associated with medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

If you are working, applying for Social Security disability benefits may be significantly more difficult. The SSA generally does not consider fully employed people as disabled.

Qualification criteria continues to change from year to year. A Social Security Disability Lawyer Round Rock can help to keep you up to date on qualifying criteria.

  • The severity of your disability condition: This pertains to the nature of your disability. The SSA rules only allow SSDI benefits if the applicant’s condition interferes with basic work-related activities.

In other words, the individual’s condition must be so severe that it interferes with the ability to maintain gainful employment. The impairment must be strong enough to change one’s life significantly. Moreover, the impairment must be long lasting.

Short term disorders will probably not qualify for benefits. Individuals will typically consult a doctor before applying for SSDI.

  • If your condition is listed in the SSA Blue Book: The SSA publishes a list of all medical conditions that are covered by the SSDI program. This list is known as the Blue Book. The Blue Book lists many serious physical and mental conditions that can be disabling; however, not all diseases are covered.

When you check the Blue Book and don not find your condition listed, you may still have options. If the SSA finds that your condition renders you unable to work, you may still qualify under different criteria.

In some cases, your SSD Attorney Round Rock representative can pursue a “compassionate allowance.” A Compassionate Allowance is a way to swiftly identify conditions that meet Social Security’s standards for disability benefits. It is basically a fast track for approval.

  • Your ability to perform your current job: If your condition is not listed in the Blue Book, there are different criteria that need to be considered. You may get a chance to provide medical evidence that your health condition is limiting you from performing your current job.
  • Your ability to find and perform any other job: In order to receive SSDI benefits, you may have to prove that you are essentially unable to perform any other work. The SSA will evaluate whether you are capable of performing lighter or different kinds of work.

If your medical condition is severe, and you are advised against working at all, you may receive approval sooner. Of course, no two claimants have the same experience throughout the process. During this step-by-step process, you may have many questions for your Social Security Office Round Rock agents.

The SSA’s call center representatives can answer some of your general questions, but only a disability lawyer who is familiar with the particular circumstances of your case will be able to answer your specific questions.

The SSA will consider the following aspects of your personal profile:

  • Medical condition(s)
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Any other skills

If an applicant is found capable of performing different kinds of work, he or she may not be considered disabled for the purposes of receiving SSDI benefits.

Importance of Medical Vocational Allowance

Some applicants have medical conditions that do not fall under normal criteria for benefits approval. In these situations, a Medical Vocational Allowance may be necessary.

To grant a Medical Vocational Allowance, the SSA will consider several factors. These include your physical condition, medical reports, age, educational background, work experience, and residual functional capacity (RFC).

The attorneys of Chermol & Fishman, LLC can help determine if you qualify under a Medical Vocational Allowance.

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