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Disability for Whiplash

Anyone who is in a car accident should opt to see a medical professional even if they do not feel that they were injured because of the possibility of whiplash. Whiplash is a painful and sometimes permanent condition that leaves the sufferer with neck pain and other complications.

What Is Whiplash?

Disability for Whiplash Whiplash occurs when the head is jerked suddenly, and most people who develop the condition have been involved in a car accident that caused the jerking motion of the head and neck.

People who have whiplash may not always be aware of the condition because it may not manifest itself for years after an accident occurs. Because of the possibility of feeling symptoms of whiplash long after the incident happened, it is important to seek medical assistance following a car accident or other situation in which the head moved in a quick, jerking motion. A medical professional will be able to keep records related to the incident that can be referenced if symptoms manifest in the future.

Neck pain or stiffness in the neck are the two symptoms that are most likely to be associated with whiplash, but more serious complications can be experienced. Other symptoms of whiplash include nausea, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, anxiety, and blurred vision. Symptoms may only be felt for a period of six weeks, but approximately one-third of whiplash sufferers report that they still have neck pain 10 years after being injured.

It is even possible for whiplash to cause the development of allergies, chronic pain or breathing disorders. People who live with long term ailments that significantly interfere with their ability to lead a normal life could be eligible for SSD benefits.

Can You Qualify For SSD Due To Whiplash?

Qualifying for SSD because of whiplash depends on being able to prove that symptoms related to the condition are so prevalent that a sufferer is not able to reasonably complete work tasks at a job for which they are qualified. For example, a person who has chronic neck or back pain may not be able to work in a physically demanding job. If the sufferer is not qualified for any other position that would not require physical labor, the person may be eligible to collect SSD benefits.

Conditions that may develop as a result of whiplash can also allow a person to be eligible for disability benefits. An example of a debilitating condition related to whiplash is chronic pain that is severe in nature often enough to make it impossible for a sufferer to work.

The SSA will determine whether a person who has whiplash is eligible for benefits by reviewing the medical information that is provided through the application for benefits. It is important to fill out all sections of the application as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Medical records including the date of diagnosis are used for determining eligibility. The importance of medical records in the SSD benefits claims process makes it essential to seek medical attention whenever symptoms of whiplash are felt.

Getting Help With Your SSD Claim

Filing for SSD benefits is a complicated process that requires paperwork that must be filled out precisely. Many people who are eligible for SSD benefits are denied because of omissions or other simple mistakes on their application.

Since it is so difficult for people to file a claim on their own, it is recommended that people who are suffering from a debilitating disability seek an attorney for help with the process. atlanta social security disability lawyers with knowledge and experience related to social security disability are able to guide their clients through the filing process to ensure that their clients get the benefits they need.

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