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Metlife Short Term Disability

How to Get Approved for Metlife Short Term Disability Insurance Benefits?

Filing for MetLife disability insurance benefits may be a challenging task. If you want your disability to be approved in the first instance, you need to have all the important information required for the procedure including analysis policy, determining the elimination period, and detailed medical evidence.

How many people on average choose to have a MetLife Policy?

Metlife DisabilityMetropolitan Life Insurance Company also known as MetLife is one of the largest insurance organizations. Metlife Short Term Disability has been helping nearly 90 million people throughout the globe since 1868.

By choosing the MetLife Insurance plan, you can obtain 60% of the total income spent on insurance payments when you are disabled. It is an ideal solution for individuals who choose employer-paid coverage from their organizations. If you want to convert your employer-paid plan to an individual policy, you can easily do so. Some of the MetLife policies include living benefits.

Common Types of MetLife Disability Insurance Benefits

MetLife is providing different disability policies and you must have proof of your insurance policy. It is one of the most essential documents required for applying for benefits. Some of the policies are discussed as follows:

  • MetLife Short Term Disability (STD): This policy is ideal for the employees who are looking for short-term income protection from an injury or illness. The short-term disability policy from MetLife starts from the first day of the disability and can last up to two years.
  • MetLife Long Term Disability (LTD): The LTD policy from MetLife is for the employees who are looking for long-term income protection because they are suffering from a severe injury or illness. This policy starts from the first day of the disability and can last up to the retirement age.
  • Statutory Disability & Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML): These policies are for the employees who are eligible for state-mandated disability and paid family & medical leave.
  • LTD Reserve Buy-Outs: This policy is for the employers who want to sell their LTD policy to MetLife. This means that the employer will no longer be responsible for the premiums, and MetLife will pay the benefits if the employee becomes disabled.
  • Worksite STD: This policy is for the employers who want to offer STD coverage to their employees. This policy can be used to supplement the employer-provided STD coverage. It will defer based on the employees’ weekly income.

The elimination time will be different for every policy. The elimination time is the waiting period between the date of disability and the date when benefits will start to pay. It is generally six months, but it can be as short as 14 days or as long as two years.

To apply for MetLife disability insurance benefits, you will need to show that you meet all the criteria for the policy you are applying for. Failing to meet all the eligibility criteria may lead to the denial of your MetLife disability claims.

How to protect your MetLife Disability Benefits?

If your MetLife’s long-term disability gets denied, you may file a MetLife’s long-term disability appeal. If that is the case, you will want to file a MetLife’s appeal form.

However, to avoid a MetLife denial, you should follow the following tips:

  • Get continuous medical treatment for your disabling condition.
  • Preserve all your medical records and doctor’s notes.
  • Have an honest discussion with your doctor about your disabling condition and get a clear explanation in writing.
  • Make sure that you follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor.

You will have to meet the eligibility criteria for the policy you are applying for. That means you should fulfill their definition of disabled, which can be different from the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled. It is important to read the policy carefully and understand what MetLife considers to be a disabling condition.

Your doctor should be able to explain how your disabling condition prevents you from working. The more detailed and specific the doctor’s notes, the better chance you have of getting approved for MetLife disability benefits. If you have any gaps in treatment, MetLife may use it as a reason to deny your claim.

Having a clear and honest communication with your doctor from the beginning will help you avoid any issues with your MetLife disability claim. You will need to show medical evidence to support your claim, and your doctor’s notes will be a key part of that evidence.

It is also important to note that you cannot have more than one policy with MetLife. If you have both a long-term disability policy and a short-term disability policy, MetLife will only pay benefits under one policy. They will not pay benefits under both policies.

If you are approved for MetLife disability benefits, you will receive a monthly income. The amount of the benefit will depend on the policy you have and how much coverage you have.

If you have any questions about any MetLife disability insurance policies, you should call the MetLife disability phone number at 1-800-300-4296. You can also visit the MetLife website to learn more about their disability insurance policies or consult with a MetLife Disability Lawyers in Illinois.


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